Wonderful news: Successfully completed thesis

Yesterday, I received a notice about final assessment of my Master thesis. It is successfully completed and all requirements regarding this module are fulfilled. Overal grade for my Master thesis was "Good". I am very happy that thesis as partial fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Science (GIS) is now finished so I can continue with my other obligations. Soon, I will upload it here ;)

Masther theis proposal accepted ... first draft comming soon

Recently I have received notice from my mentor Dr. Adrijana Car, that my master thesis proposal is accepted. Wonderfull news. I have spent several months collecting data and researching regarding master thesis topic.

Working title of my master thesis is "Application and implementation of geocoding using Oracle Spatial component in Oracle11g". Anyway, because in last eight months I have collected and wrote most of my material for thesis, it would not be such hard job to make it as one peace of document. 

Importing .dmp files into Oracle database

How to import .dmp file into Oracle database and problem regarding unrecognized command in SQLPlus was very often in last couple years, at least since I am working with Oracle. This kind of a problem is common to Oracle beginners or even in some cases to advanced SQL experts. I have always ansered with a same answer: NEVER use SQLPlus to import .dmp file into Oracle Database.

Optional Module: Remote Sensing

I have finally finished my Optional Module at UNIGIS Salzburg. It was very hard, but more then useful. This module covered huge spectrum of themes and I am quite satisfied what I have learned about. Now, I have to wait for exam results. My work on this module covered produced document by myself with 35 pages and additional documents as ppt and pdf files. I would like to thank Prof. Peter Hofmann for great support and more then prompt resposne when I need it.

OpenGIS and Distributed GI Infrastructures

I have finally finished all required assignmnt for module OpenGIS and Distributed GI Infrastructures. It was very hard to find working servers, but at the end I have succeded and completed all requirements. Now it is time to wait for grading from Module instructor. I am more then sure that this one has to be good.

Free time - useful work (OpenStreetMap project)

In recent two and a half months (may - july) I have done some serious voluntary work. Because I had two or three free hours per day, I have decided to use them and to do some community useful work. My interest was maping and visulising unmapped and unvisualised places on OpenStreetMap (OSM) project.

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